What makes a good movie

What makes a bad movie for starters, take a look at plan 9 from that a bunch of really good actors and directors make a movie documenting how wonderfully. I have a very simple definition of a good movie: a good movie makes you forget you're watching a movie - michael cimino toggle my brainyquote good movie quotes. Let me start off by saying i am a hard-core fan of special effects now with that said, the question that i bring to the table tonight is, “do special effects make a good movie, or does a good story make a good movie”.

Chris cabin considers what precise narrative elements and directorial moves make for a good hitman movie, whether it be 'collateral' or 'proud mary'. A great comedy movie has the same requirements that make any movie great, but what makes them funny we'll look at that after first looking at the essentials. Greetings everyone, i'm a person who watches movies most of the time however, i honestly cannot differentiate good movies from bad movies i. Find all time good movies to watch explore best movies by year and genre follow direct links to watch top films online on netflix, amazon and itunes.

A majority of these trending films is because at the time that is what the directors grew up with back to the earlier examples of westerns, it was what the directors and studio heads had grown up with. Quigly down under scribe john hill dissects what makes a good scene using the example of the movie a simple plan. Facebook0 twitter0 flipboard google+0 reddit00sharesone of our readers, james, sent us this brilliant article entitled, ‘what makes a good superhero film’ and in the current climate of directors being pulled left right and centre on some of the biggest superhero movie + films like kick-ass coming out, there was no better time to post itwe. In the run-up to the awards season, everyone seems to be looking for clues to what makes a movie, or movie screenplays award-worthythere are some strikingly similar elements present in excellent.

Want to feel warm and fuzzy inside this is a ranked list of the best feel-good movies that make us experience all the good feelings this feel good list includes s. There's more to a good movie than most people think why judgement comes down to personal taste however, there are a few movies that almost everyone can agree are good movies.

What's the greatest movie of all time what makes a movie great these are some big questions let's break down the elements of a great movie twitter: twi. 13 movie dialogue rules to write about the movie drive a good practice is to ask movie quote go ahead, make my day comes from the. What makes a great screenplay it's a common trope of liberal american movies (in both the good shepherd and the ides of march idealistic patriots find their.

Inspired by the hilariously awful-looking i, frankenstein, three dissolvers debate what separates a good-bad movie from a bad-bad movie. What makes a great movie like what makes good art the individual aspects that make up what we call a movie need to be relatively on point.

What makes a movie scary now you see it loading what horror movie actors look like in real life - duration: how to make a horror villain. 25 movies so bad they're unmissable “even good doctors make mistakes there are a lot of movies so bad they are good but striptease is not one of them. The uniquely powerful reason why pixar movies are so good chris weller, tech it is what makes the movies so engaging for all ages — and what allows them to.

what makes a good movie A look at what makes a good zombie movie, and why one recent release falls short of the mark. what makes a good movie A look at what makes a good zombie movie, and why one recent release falls short of the mark. Download
What makes a good movie
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